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D-Day, The British Beach landings

D-Day, The British Beach landings

This is another part of history which has been covered many times, but authors occasionally seem to be able to tease out something new and of interest. By sticking to just the British and Canadian landing beaches, the author narrows the field and keeps away from the American beaches, although there is some crossover with the mention of Operation Cobra. Unfortunately, those events he covers have been recounted so many times that it is all too familiar territory and nothing new to the experienced military enthusiast. He tells the events in a good way, which will appeal to students and first-time visitors to the beaches. The history goes beyond the landings and covers the attempts to break out, which students will find interesting. There are some irritating caption errors, but these would not make a lot of difference to students using this as a reference book.


D-Day, The British Beach Landings


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John Sadler


Amberley Books, Stroud, Gloucestershire





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