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D Day Training Pocket Manual

D Day Training Pocket Manual

This very informative reference book takes a different approach to D-Day by using material published by the British War Office and the US War Department during the war. It covers all aspects of the Allied landings and even considers the German response. This is like an aide-memoire to carry as a ready reference work and its small size allows it to be slipped into a pocket for quick access. If you want to know the strengths and numbers of ships plus aircraft, this has the answers even down to the airborne assault. The text contains many interesting bits and allows the reader to compare what was known then to what we know now. Some things were educated guesses, but other things were the result of good information gathering. On its own this is interesting but used with a good guidebook on the ground it is a valuable work.


The D-Day Training Pocket Manual 1944

Edited by:

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Chris McNab


Casemate Publishing, Oxford





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