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Eben Emael

In 1939, the Belgian fortification of Eben- Emael was considered the strongest defensive position of its type in the world. When Hitler attacked the west the world was stunned and when German airborne forces captured the fortification in a lightning stroke, military planners around the world were aghast. In this superbly researched and highly detailed work, the author takes the reader step by step through the chain of events leading up to the fort’s capture. The German preparations for the operation are laid out, followed by the attack, deployment and unit actions. Belgium bravely resisted for 18 days and the author covers each day in turn to produce a fascinating account of Belgium’s resistance against overwhelming odds. This is one of the finest works on the subject, full of maps, illustrations and first-hand accounts culminating in the country’s surrender on the 28th May 1940. This is an absolute must-read book.




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Clayton Donnell


Pen & Sword Books Ltd, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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