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German Infantryman

German Infantryman

There have been many books written about the German soldier in WWII, but what makes this work different, indeed stand out from all those others, is it dares to go where they did not. The author begins with the reformation of the German army under Hitler, covering education and the Nazi regime, re-armament, weapons and new tactics. He considers the fighting ability and all-arms tactics and reminds the reader that the army had more horses than tanks. He does not shy away from detailing the losses in fighting or military executions. One fascinating point he answers is how did soldiers go to toilet on the battlefield, especially in Russia. The answer is quite surprising. A remarkable book, full of details, from feeding the troops to their medical care. This is a must for collectors, re-enactors, war gamers and modellers.


Simon Forty


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Haynes, Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset





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