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German Tank Destroyers

German Tank Destroyers

During WWII, all armies took the threat of tanks seriously and developed a whole range of special anti-tank vehicles to counter them. The German excelled in developing specialist vehicles from the smallest to the largest, known as Tank Destroyers. These are the theme of this wellresearched and informative book, which includes the familiar types such as the Hetzer and Elefant. It also includes the unfamiliar such as the Ente and the much larger, Dicker Max and Struer Emil with its massive 12.8cm calibre main armament. This goes beyond the machines themselves and the author includes the men who fought from the inside of these powerful vehicles. This is a perfect work of reference for anyone with an interest in WWII armoured vehicles, including war gamers, general enthusiasts and especially modellers who will appreciate the illustrations and artwork. The first-hand accounts and technical details bring this recommended work together in a unique way.


German Tank Destroyers


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Pierre Tiquet


Casemate, Oxford





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