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Roman Mail and Scale Armour

Roman Mail and Scale Armour

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The impression of soldiers in the Roman Legionary for most people is that of a man wearing armour made from bands of metal segmented together to protect his torso. This is the image most often seen at re-enactment events and in films such as ‘Gladiator’. For anyone who thinks that was it, this book stands to not only correct this assumption but also broaden their understanding of armour used by the Roman army. Drawing on the evidence shown on carved statues, and archaeological evidence unearthed at sites from the Roman world, the author examines in-depth mail and scale armour. Using these sources and historical accounts, which provide examples of the effectiveness of other types of armour, he charts the development of each type and the variations. Tables of comparisons show the differences as used by mounted troops and archers. This is an excellent reference work for scholars, war gamers, modellers, and re-enactors.

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  • Title: Roman Mail and Scale Armour
  • Author: M.C Bishop
  • Publisher: Osprey, Oxford
  • ISBN: 9781472851703
  • Price: £14.99