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Smashing Hitlers Guns

Smashing Hitlers Guns

Today, there are many sites along the 50+ mile stretch of Normandy coastline which formed the landing beaches for the Allies on D-Day, that are now regular features on battlefield tours. One of those sites is Point du Hoc, where a powerful battery of artillery had been identified by planners as posing a severe threat to the landings on Omaha Beach. For that reason, they had to be destroyed and that task was given to the US Rangers. The author explains the step by step development of the site, how and why it was developed, where the guns came from and the capability of the weapons, which is an excellent study in ballistics itself. How the Rangers came to be given the task and their training is covered. The outcome may be known to some readers but the author goes beyond what is supposed. If you’ve been to the site, read this and you will see things differently.


Smashing Hitler’s Guns


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Steven J. Zaloga


Osprey, Oxford





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