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Sussexs military Heritage

Sussexs military Heritage

Every country across Britain is rightly proud of its history and especially its military heritage. As this book reminds us, even though Sussex is today divided into East and West, it has stood united during the many wars across the centuries, often finding itself in the forefront of battle as in WWII. The author charts the county’s involvement from the earliest times up to present, taking the reader on a journey to understand what makes the county what it is today. He lists the historical sites, museums and battlefields, which are more than you might think. On the land, at sea and in the air, men and women from Sussex have been present at many historical moments. Recipients of the Victoria Cross are listed and even the pigeon ‘Commando’ who received the Dickin Medal. This is a long-overdue reminder to the contribution made by Sussex during times of war.


Sussex’s Military Heritage


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Dean Hollands


Amberley Publishing, Stroud, Gloucestershire





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