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The Belgium Soldier

The Belgium Soldier

Outside of Belgium, there are not many books which focus on the subject of the Belgian army and soldiers during WWI, which is a shame. Militaria collectors already know this and many have Belgian medals, badges and items in their collection. This book is the English edition of a guidebook available from museums and, despite having only 36 pages including covers, it is full of useful information and illustrations. In brief terms, it covers the invasion of Belgium in 1914 through to 1918 and explains how the army was supplied, equipped and kept fighting. It is an introduction and reminder that Belgium played a not insignificant part during WWI. The book may provide collectors with a few tips and it may even inspire re-enactors to create the Belgian soldier of the period. If you have never considered the Belgium army as an interesting subject before, after reading this little work you will change your mind.


The Belgian Soldier


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Orep Editions, available through Casemate Publishing





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