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The Cambrai Campaign 1917

The Cambrai Campaign 1917

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The tank was developed by the British army and first used at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. However, it was not until a year later that it was deployed in sufficient numbers that it was hoped would change the course of the war. In the intervening period, the machines had been improved and better tactics developed. In this work, the author lays out the plan, the units involved and the attack itself. Great hopes were pinned on the attack, but after initial successes, things began to go wrong. The Germans were stronger than anticipated and by December the British had been pushed back beyond their original starting point. Each of these aspects is covered and consider in turn. Great text and wonderful maps make this an excellent book for war gamers and those seeking to visit the battlefield.

Author: Andrew Rawson
Publisher: Pen and Sword Publishing, Barnsley, South Yorkshire
ISBN: 9781526714374
Price: £25

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