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The Dutch Resistance

The Dutch Resistance

The Internationallyrecognised state of neutrality adopted by the Netherlands was cruelly violated when Germany launched an unprovoked attack against the country on 10th May 1944. What followed was a harsh occupation lasting almost 5 years, during which time loyalties were tested, and sometimes broken, as documented in this concise book. The author covers each phase of the occupation, examining the Dutch volunteers who served in the German armed forces, including the SS, collaborators and the resistance movement. The strength and popularity of the pre-war Dutch Fascist movement are also covered and make for revealing reading. The equipment, weapons and radios used by the resistance fighters, which included both men and women, along with their operations, are revealing. The story of the country’s occupation is not a subject widely covered and this book redresses that in a highly informative way which goes beyond what the reader may think they already know.


The Dutch Resistance 1940-45


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Michel Wenting LL and Klaas Castelein


Osprey Books, Oxford


978 1472848024



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