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The Final Archives of the Fuhrerbunker

The Final Archives of the Fuhrerbunker

This book is full of reproduced documents and photographs charting the final days of the Nazi regime, as Berlin was destroyed around Hitler in his bunker. The story of how the documents were recovered is charted in this work, which pieces together those last days as they ran down to hours. This part of the war was once made up of hypothetical stories and fragmentary evidence but now takes on a new light with this unique collection of first-hand documentation. It is amazing to see handwritten messages and telegrams containing the last words of men still fighting desperately against hopeless odds before succumbing to the inevitable. The outcome is well known, but to see it like this is to read the dying words of a dreadful regime still in denial.


The Final Archives of the Führerbunker


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Paul Villatoux and Xavier Aiolfi


Casemate Publishers, Oxford





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