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The Germans and the Dieppe Raid

The Germans and the Dieppe Raid

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Much has been written about Operation Jubilee, the commando raid against Dieppe, mainly from the Allied point of view. This is a major turnabout and looks at events from the German perspective. Using archive material from German sources, the author presents their reactions to the Allied attack. It has been a long-held belief that the Germans might have known the Allies’ intentions, indeed it appears they had double agents feeding false information to the Allies. This included the fact that the 110th Division was in the area, when it was actually in Russia. An unforeseen event of a German convoy crossing the path of leading Allied vessels increased their state of alert. Also, Allied intelligence failed to identify several important defences at Dieppe. Along with failings with the tanks, these are two more points which beset the mission. This book will make the reader rethink the mission.

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  • Title: The Germans and the Dieppe Raid
  • Author: James Shelley
  • Publisher: Pen and Sword Books, South Yorkshire
  • ISBN: 9781399030601
  • Price: £25.00