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The History of the Panzerwaffe

The History of the Panzerwaffe

This is the third volume in a series which looks into the workings and make up of Panzer Divisions in the various campaigns on all fronts. This particular volume explains the function of all those support elements which allowed the fighting formations to operate in combat. It answers those questions on subjects which cross our minds but are never asked. For example, what about the provision of water? This book has the answer. What about feeding? This too is answered. In fact, you think of it and the answer is here, including dentistry in the field. A most remarkable book on a subject which we take for granted. Without all the units covered in this book the formidable ‘Blitzkrieg’ would not have worked. Excellent photographs with detailed captions give a reader everything they need to understand how Panzer divisions worked.


Thomas Anderson


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Osprey Publishing, Oxford





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