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The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin in Russia’s capital city of Moscow is a dominant feature that attracts tourists, the same as the Houses of Parliament in London, but it’s a functioning building with a long history. This well-illustrated book, with its photographs of reconstructions to show how it may have looked 700 years ago, is a remarkable piece of history telling. The author explains how Moscow grew from wooden buildings in the 7th century to develop into the city we see today. The Kremlin was the State arsenal and symbol of the Romanov dynasty. It was the backdrop to revolution and today parades pass in front. The author investigates the passages and corners of this vast and impressive building and picks up on many fascinating aspects. For example, the security measures in place, which include the use of birds of prey. For military architects, this is a volume well worth reading.


The Moscow Kremlin


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Mark Galeotti


Osprey Books, Oxford





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