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The Sterling Submachine Gun

The Sterling Submachine Gun

The eponymous weapon about which this work is the subject, will be familiar to many ex-servicemen and weapons collectors, and the development of which can be traced back to the closing months of WWII. In the post-war years and into the period known as the ‘Cold War’, the Sterling SMG was used in virtually every conflict where the British army served. From Aden to Suez, the weapon was carried by radio operators and drivers. All these are covered in this comprehensive work, as too are the armies around the world which also used the weapon. The variants are all featured, including the suppressed version, which was used during the Falklands War in 1982. It has also featured in diverse films such as the Cold War thriller ‘The IPCRESS File’, starring Michael Caine, to the Star Wars series. A great book for weapon collectors and weapon enthusiasts.


Matthew Moss


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Osprey, Oxford





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