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The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

This is the latest title in the popular, Essential Histories Series and packed into it are all the essential details covering almost 20 years of conflict. For example, how the war transitioned from being France’s problem to a situation which dragged in America. This is a chapter of history which is popular with collectors, re-enactors and military vehicle owners. People also read titles on the Vietnam War out of general interest and this is one such work which can be seen as an introduction to the war. Some schools include the war in their curriculum syllabus for GCSEs as part of the course covering world politics. This book would be perfect for those students who require a reference book on the subject and it would be good to see it referenced as a suggested title for that purpose. It has the right balance of everything and makes an excellent read.


The Vietnam War 1956-1975


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Andrew Wiest


: Osprey, Oxford





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