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Thousands of heroes have Arisen

Thousands of heroes have Arisen

During WWI India was still a unified nation and more than 1.3 million fought in all theatres of the war from Europe to Africa and the Middle East. Sikh and Muslim served together and endured hardships together and, like their European counterparts, they wrote home to their families. This is a collection of some of the letters written home by Sikh soldiers and it is from one of those letters the name of the book is derived. They contain the full range of emotions covering every aspect of the war from opinions about the Germans, British and their attitudes towards life in Europe.

This is a very personal book because these are the men’s thoughts, hopes and expressions. From the very first battle in France to Gallipoli and to Mesopotamia and the many famous regiments, the book sheds revealing light on the Indian soldier and the reader will be amazed at what they achieved.


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Sukwinder Sing Bassi


Helion and Company, Oxford





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