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Voices of the Flemish Waffen

Voices of the Flemish Waffen

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There are many aspects of WWII about which facts are still trickling out. One of these is the true extent to which men volunteered to fight for Germany, even though German forces occupied their country. The author of this work has written on the subject extensively and in this his latest book, he covers those Belgians who joined the Flemish Waffen SS. Some Belgian men decided to join as early as 1940 and after Hitler attacked Russia in 1941, these Belgian volunteers served on the Eastern Front. Told in their own words, survivors relate their experiences from Leningrad to the Ukraine- it is a series of hardships. Their reasons are as varied as their service. A thought-provoking book on a little-known or realised part of the war.

Author: Jonathan Trigg
Publisher: Amberley, Stroud, Gloucester
ISBN: 9781445666365
Price: £20

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