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Welsh at war

Welsh at war

Like any other part of the United Kingdom, Wales is enormously proud of its military heritage and the bravery of its men in both world wars and quite rightly so. This work looks at some of the men from Wales who fought during WWI, some of whom went on to win the Victoria Cross. It is only a small cross section of the thousands of Welshmen who fought in all theatres of the war, including the Royal Navy. Welshmen like Sydney Sutcliffe flew with the Royal Flying Corps, as did Lionel Wilmot Brabazon Rees, from Caernarfon, who won the Victoria Cross. It is the biographies which make this a very personal history, telling as it does, something more about the men’s lives. The faces of the men whose stories the work tells bring adds to this. A proud book about men from a proud nation.


Steven John


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Pen & Sword, Barnsley, South Yorkshire





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