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World War II Snipers

World War II Snipers

There have been many books written about snipers in WWII, but nothing ever like this superb book which has to be the most comprehensive of its type. If there is any aspect on sniping which is missing from this book, then it is not important. All countries are included, ballistic data on ammunition, telescopic sights, the weapons and, most importantly, the men and women who used them on the battlefield. The author spent decades on research to prepare and present this thorough job of work on sniping, which sets the record straight on many things. The chapter on the Island Hopping campaign in the Pacific is excellent, with first-hand accounts. Highly illustrated throughout, this book is for weapon collectors, shooters, both male and female, and general readers with an interest in the subject. There is nothing to criticise about this book and readers will find it compelling.


World War II Snipers


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Gary Yee


Casemate, Oxford





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