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InSight 120XLA Laser Rangefinder

InSight 120XLA Laser Rangefinder

Best known for top quality of Nightvision Equipment, Thomas Jacks Ltd also offers a series of rangefinders. I have on test the 120XLA is from their InSight™ range, which are made in the USA.

The nomenclature is a little confusing as the 120XLA reads out to 200-yards on non-reflective targets and 500 on reflective. Certainly a useful feature given that most shooting in the UK is done at less than 200 yards, so very much an everyman design.

Auto Set

The 120XLA measures 1.7 X 4 X 5.1” and weighs 11oz. At the rear you have an eyepiece and to the right an oblong LCD window that also shows the readout, even though the same information can be viewed in the eyepiece. Power is by a single PP3 9V battery which is housed in the far right of the unit. The red dot aiming mark has two brightness settings that automatically set, dependant on the ambient light; again very useful as there is less for you to worry about!

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You’ll notice only one button on the top of the unit. This operates and accesses the modes and allows the choice of metric or imperial notation that includes feet as well as yards; again most useful! It can also focus down to and range as close as 4-yards! This is possibly due to the unit only being x1 magnification, but for the distances it is designed for I don’t feel that a drawback.

Beep Beep

To change modes; hold down the rubberised button for 6-8 seconds until a double beep is heard. When you hear it, release it and then repeatedly press and release to scroll through the menu.

You can select the distance read out (yards/meters), set reflective mode ON/OFF and even disable the audible ‘chirp’ mode that indicates that it has made a reading and displayed the range. The unit has the capability to give incredibly accurate readings to within 0.5 of a yard. The other models in the series such as the 400XL and 1000XL offer accuracy of +/-1m readings. There’s a low battery indicator and automatic rain mode and all modes selected are displayed by distinctive and clear symbols in both readouts.

In my opinion this is the most accurate and easy to use rangefinder I’ve ever tested and for the low light capability alone it deserves much credit. It’s robustly built, can be purchased in black or Realtree® Hardwoods and comes in a tough, nylon carry case with belt loop and clip. Plus there’s a one year exchange warranty. I was so amazed at the performance I bought one myself. In a word – superb!

PRICE: Black £269.95p. Camo £289.95p

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  • InSight 120XLA Laser Rangefinder - image {image:count}

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