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Discovery 3” Sidewheel

Discovery 3” Sidewheel

With many modern scope brands now featuring side parallax adjustment dials in place of an adjustable objective, the side wheel as a feature, has become increasingly popular. Ultra-large side wheels are a very common sight in the Field Target world, but on lower magnification hunting scopes, the use of a small wheel can still be advantageous.

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Discovery Optics now offer a medium-sized, 3” (75mm) Side Wheel as an optional extra for a variety of their models, and with a highly competitive RRP, it has to be worth considering. The neat design push fits onto the scope’s existing side focus turret on the left side. It is then secured in place by gently tightening three small grub screws, which effectively compress the inner plastic grip ring. There are two versions available - a 30mm centre, to fit the Discovery VT-2 and VT-3 models, and a 35mm model to fit the Discovery HI and VTT models.

Side wheels are designed to extend out the range markings for each target distance, and by expanding the gaps between the different ranges, the task of reading off the ranges should be more accurate. The user has to add their own range markings onto the outer rim, starting with temporary ones until target ranges read consistently, but once applied this wheel should be a highly useful and costeffective accessory.

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  • Name: Discovery 3” Side Wheel
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Price: £10
  • Contact: Sureshot Airguns - www.sureshot-airguns.co.uk