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Anti Cant Scope Level

Anti Cant Scope Level

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A common source of shooting inaccuracy is when we tilt the rifle over (canting) without realising we’re doing it, and this sets up an error, as the sight line is no longer true. Tilt off to one side, by varying degrees and shots will soon be off target, often by some margin. Learning to identify cant is one thing, but when gadgets exist to correct our error, it makes sense to use them.

The new Anti Cant Scope Levels from Discovery Optics, are made from aluminium, and are super lightweight, whilst being an extremely neat design, suitable for serious Field Target shooters, hunters, and any shooters wanting to eliminate sighting error, and maximise accuracy downrange. The design sees a spirit level bubble set into a scope mount style split ring body, and is easily fitted to the scope body, via one Allen bolt, as the top half slides into a link with the bottom. These levels are precisely made, and with a choice of body sizes, will fit most scopes available.

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  • Name: Discovery Anti Cant Scope Level
  • Price: 1-inch tube £12.99, 30mm tube £14.99, 34mm tube £15.99
  • Contact: Sureshot Airguns. www.sureshot-airguns.co.uk