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BKL Double Strap Ring Mounts

BKL Double Strap Ring Mounts

BKL Mounts are among the best quality available and are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium, so quality is assured. The US-based brand now manufactures a range of mounts and accessories for the discerning shooter. Their 1” Double Strap Ring Mounts are a top-quality option for peace of mind when mounting a scope with a 1” body tube, as the double strap design gives more clamping area.

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As per usual with BKL, these Double strap mounts need to be slid onto the dovetail rails from one end, (which won’t suit all guns) but if the mounts don’t initially fit, the base screws can be removed and placed into the spreader holes to widen the aperture.

The mount can then be clamped into position by gently tightening the screws evenly across both mounts and all the screws, in much the same way as car tyre nuts. The mounts are available in either matt black or silver, in either medium height or a high specification, so plenty of versatility too. All very neat, highly effective and beautifully made, as we have come to expect from this prestigious brand name.

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  • Name: BKL 1” Double Strap Ring Mounts
  • Prices: BKL-263 MB Matt Black – £39.99 BKL-263H MB Matt Black High Version – £36.95 BKL-263 S Silver – £34.95
  • Contact: Optics Warehouse - www.opticswarehouse.co.uk


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