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BKL Ring Mounts

BKL Ring Mounts

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BKL Mounts are a highquality brand, made in the USA, and they now manufacture a range of designs to cater for the shooting enthusiast who values quality along with creative design. The BKL 1” rings are a single strap mount and include the classic BKL design of a single piece base, which is a near-perfect fit over an 11mm dovetail rail. If it comes up a bit tight, then the mount can be adjusted by removing the base screw, then screwing it into the spacer hole from the other side. This gently forces the jaws apart. Slide the mounts onto the rails and then tighten them in the normal way. The matt black finish is smart and practical, plus the level of machining is equally impressive.

Available in standard height or as a High version, indicated by the ‘H’ suffix in the model name, these mounts are perfect for precise and true scope mounting. Once fitted, they offer peace of mind.

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  • Name: BKL 1” Ring Mounts Standard (BKL257MB) High (BKL257HMB)
  • Prices: £21.99 (BKL257MB) £23.99 High (BKL257HMB)
  • Contact: Optics Warehouse - www.opticswarehouse.co.uk