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Sportsmatch ATP90 Adj Mounts

Sportsmatch ATP90 Adj Mounts

Given the increased popularity of Picatinny/ Weaver style mounts of late, it’s inevitable that big players in the scope mount market, such as Sportsmatch, would respond. A selection of mounts now cater for this sector, yet new for 2018 is the ATP90 mounts, which are for a 30mm scope body, and offer a fully adjustable mechanism, again to fit Picatinny/Weaver rails.

These high-quality Sportsmatch ATP90 mounts are anodised black and come with the appropriate Allen keys and offer a comprehensive design to get everything set up and zeroed; primarily using just the mounts, with fine tweaking of the scope turrets to be performed last minute.


If you do intend on zeroing using these mounts, or any fully adjustable mounts come to that, the first rule of thumb is to optically centre the scope, as this relieves stress on the internal lens system, and will also help to achieve zero quicker. To optically centre the scope, simply wind each turret to the end of its travel, then count through exactly how many revolutions there are, and then set each turret to the midpoint of that travel.

To zero the scope using the mounts, the instructions are to first loosen the locking screw in the centre of each mount ¼ turn, then the mounts and scope can be fitted to the rifle in the usual way. The locking screws are then tightened. A five-shot group is then shot at 25-metres, and the vertical and lateral distance off from zero is then measured. With my scope centred, zero was actually only out by around 3-inches.

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Now, loosen the locking screw by ¼ turn on each mount again. The windage screw on the middle side is then loosened by ¼ turn on each mount. The point of impact (elevation) is adjusted by turning the elevation screw on the bottom edge of the rear mount- clockwise to raise impact, and anti-clockwise to lower. A quarter turn is approximately equal to 30mm at 25-metres. Retighten windage screws then retighten the locking screws. Check zero and repeat as necessary.

Keeping it simple

Windage is carried out in a similar way using the windage screw in the rear mount. The full instructions are in detail on the reverse of the packaging, and in practice, it all works very well. Follow the instructions to the letter, loosening both mounts or tightening both mounts when it says to do so, and all will be well. This allows for the movable sections to level between themselves, keeping a true line between the scope body, avoiding distortion. Locking both sides when zero is achieved, then keeps everything solid and secure. When you find zero is not that far away, final tweaking is then done with the scope turrets in the normal way.

Locking screws include an anti-vibration coating, and the adjustable design allows for up to 75 MOA of vertical adjustment; so, plenty of thought has gone into these mounts.

The chunky side bolts are classic Picatinny style and can be tightened fairly well by hand, but the large cross slot means nipping up with a coin will normally suffice. These mounts include a square section hardened steel arrestor bolt, and this completely locks the mount in place. The mounts should be suitable for any scope up to 56mm diameter too, so that takes care of most combinations.


All in all, another classic mount from one of the best-known brands, trusted by millions of shooting enthusiasts worldwide. I’m still using Sportsmatch mounts from the early 80s, so they are definitely built to last!

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  • Name: Sportsmatch ATP90 Fully Adjustable 2-Piece 30mm Weaver/Picatinny mounts
  • Price: £129.99
  • Contact: sportsmatch-uk.com


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