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Sun Optics universal Cantilever Rib Shotgun Mount

Sun Optics universal Cantilever Rib Shotgun Mount

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If you want to fit an optic to a pump or auto shotgun, you have two choices; the receiver or barrel. The former might require drilling and threading for a suitable base, which adds to the cost and will require re-proofing. Whereas the barrel will, in 90% of cases, have a ventilated rib, which can be taken advantage of and offer a nongunsmithing option. Enter the Sun Optics Universal Cantilever Rib Shotgun Mount, which is designed to attach to the vent rib and offer a Weaver-type base. Made of histrength aluminium, it’s 11.5” long and includes all fittings and fits ribs up to 3/8” wide. The front 3.75” shows three cross slots, with two transverse locking plates that go under the rib cut outs and bolt up through. On either side are opposed Allen-headed screws for centralisation; once sorted, the plates are tightened for a secure mount. Depending on the rib, the rail can be positioned over the receiver, or further along the barrel, and is slotted in the middle to offer a sighting gutter for the front bead. In use, it proved rigid, although there’s a bit of unavoidable flex at the rear where it slims down. It’s easy enough to bond a rubber pad underneath to stop this. With the base on the barrel, there’s no fluctuation compared to a receiver-mounted optical system.

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  • Price: £59.95
  • Contact: Optics Warehouse; opticswarehouse.co.uk