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Vortex 30mm Cantilever Ring Mount

Vortex 30mm Cantilever Ring Mount

Though QD scope mounts are nice, they both cost more than fixed types and rely on the strength and integrity of their locking systems, which can and do wear out with continued usage. A good compromise is Vortex’s 30mm cantilever ring mount with three-inch off-set. With the exception of the clamp and ring uppers, the rest is a one-piece build, which adds to its integrity. If you are confused; the ‘three-inch off set’ simply means the scope rings are positioned threeinches ahead of the actual mounting base. Vortex also offers the same unit with a two-inch off-set, which is slightly cheaper. In either case, they can be turned through 180° to give a ‘lean back’ position too. The mount comes with medium height rings with each top cap being secured with 4x T15 Torx screws. The base is designed to fit any Picatinny rail and comes complete with an integral recoil lug that engages with the cross slots in the case of an AR’s flat topped upper receiver. The clamp is long and of a single piece construction and is locked with four, transverse 15 Torx screws, Vortex include a T15 key for fitting. In use it proved solid and secure.

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PRICES: Three-inch off-set: £82.50; Two-inch off-set £75

CONTACT: Black Rifle www.blackrifle.co.uk

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