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Deben Scope Rail

Whilst many guns have fairly standardised scope rail dimensions and profiles, others adopt a different specification entirely – sometimes leading to awkward situations, where compatibility is concerned.

Conventional dovetail scope rails on the majority of airguns normally come in around 9-11mm across, and for these, conventional mounts, either two-piece or one-piece can be employed. However, with an increasing number of mounts and accessories utilising either Picatinny or Weaver style specifications, specialist rails are required, where the sight can lock into place effectively using the cross bar feature.

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Deben produce a variety of specialist mounting aids, which allow the shooter to mix and match their sights on a variety of guns, via scope rails that effectively convert between the formats. The mount shown here allows for a scope or sight mounted on Weaver mounts, to be fixed in place onto a gun with conventional dovetail rails.

The assembly features a 5-inch length of Weaver rail for the scope or sight to clamp to which then connects to 9-11mm dovetail rails on the gun in question, via the two neat mounting blocks attached. Deben state that this mount is ideal for PCPs with rotary magazines, since it effectively raises the sightline above the height of a pronounced magazine block. In addition, the rail can accommodate night vision, lasers and the like.

PRICE: RRP £39.95
CONTACT: Deben Group Industries 01394 387762 www.deben.com

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