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Hogue Monogrip Kit

Hogue Monogrip Kit

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Hogue’s rubber, over-moulded AR15 MonoGrip is well known and used by many shooters. It offers a nylon inner chassis with a black rubber outer directly moulded onto it. It’s similar in shape to the earlier A1 handle but a bit beefier with a textured surface and three finger slots at the front; hand-filling, it gives a decent bit of material to get hold of. However, their MonoGrip Kit is a bit different as it offers a little extra, in the form of the Samson Field Survivor Tool. It’s aimed more at semi-auto ARs (223 Rem only) but also offers enough features to be useful on mann-opp guns! It has a broken case extractor, wire brush, cotter pin hook, strike plate, gas key tool, feed lip adjustment tool, magazine feed lip gauge, oil ampoule, sight adjustment and carbon scrapping tools and a cable pull-through. All this is integrated into a grip insert that is locked in position by a rotary base plate. Most tools are hinged and fold out as required; others, like the case extractor, are removable. It’s available in black or O/D green.

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  • Name: Hogue monogrip kit
  • Price: £161.99
  • Contact: Rifleworks; www.rifleworks.co.uk