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Tier One Picatinny Rail

Tier One Picatinny Rail

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We have seen many trends arise over the years; some get adopted almost as cannon, whereas others do not. A point in case is the replacement, one-piece Picatinny rail, which have firmly established themselves, amongst not just precision shooters, but also hunters. Why? Well, the monolithic build means greater rigidity and concentricity, which is what scope mounting is all about. A lot of long-range users prefer an angled rail of either 10 or 20-MOA declination, which tilts the optic downwards, so allowing more elevation correction where it’s needed at longer distances. However, for normal ranges this can be a mixed blessing, as it’s all too easy to run out of elevation. So, in these cases, a zero MOA build is what’s required and if we’re talking top quality and precision, then we’re Talking Tier One products. They offer a wide range of rails with 0, 10 and 20-MOA options for most quality rifles, on test is the 0-MOA model for a short action Remington 700 (also fits Bergara B14). They are precision manufactured on 5-axis, CNC machinery, going from round bar stock to the finished item in one operation. By doing this, there is no accuracy loss due to re-setting for different operations. Made from 7075T6 Aluminium, they are available for various firearms in all action lengths. They exceed the manufacturing criteria set out for the metric upgrade to the Picatinny Rail in 2009, STANAG 4694 NATO. They are packaged with Torx-headed fitting screws and full instructions, which are included and also on the website.

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  • Name: Tier one 0 MOA picatinny rail for s/a remy 700
  • Prices from: £68.95
  • Contact: RUAG AmmoTec UK Ltd; www.ruag.co.uk