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Weihrauch ‘HE’ HW77 Silencer

Since the standard ½ inch UNF HE (High Efficiency) was launched, it’s quickly become accepted as one of the most efficient airgun moderators on the market. As such, Weihrauch have already begun launching popular models of established mechanical action air rifles screw-cut with the moderator supplied. A very nice touch, but for under-lever rifles, such as the HW77 and HW77K, a new design had to be developed so it could be attached to the front end.

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This is achieved by milling out a rear slot above and below the unit that allows the silencer to slip over the open sights and over the under lever retaining catch, while not interfering with the ‘irons’ sightline and the operation of the lever. To secure in place, a bar is screwed back into the rear of the pre-drilled silencer between the barrel and the under-lever’s retaining catch. Two small recessed Allen head (key supplied) screws are used for this and the bar is so shaped that, when fixed correctly, it has a contour that directly mates with the underside of the barrel.

The unit is 9¼ inches in length and adds 7 3/8 inches to the overall length of the rifle when fitted. Some may feel this makes the rifle overly long, particularly the full-length HW77. However, it’s still a very effective solution to helping tame muzzle report on this particular air rifle. There’s also a similar design unit for the HW97K available.

NAME: Weihrauch ‘HE’ HW77 Silencer
CONTACT: Hull Cartridge Co 01482 342 571 www.hullcartridge.co.uk

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