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Jack Pyke Stick on Targets

Jack Pyke Stick on Targets

All shooting obviously relies on having some sort of target to shoot at, but whilst reactive and knock-down varieties can be very entertaining, it’s hard to beat some form of diagram on paper to show exactly what the hardware is capable of. Day-Glo style targets with fluorescent colours are a real classic, and the Target Stickers available from Jack Pyke are just about spot-on for serious sessions. As well as that super bright orange colour, they are, as the name suggests, self-adhesive stickers; making them versatile for most scenarios. Just peel off the sticker, and press onto either the main range back stop, or simply stick over an existing target in an instant. They come in several different sizes too, with 1, 1.5, 2, and 3” diagrams available. All the intersections in the design effectively offer different aim points, so these targets are fairly cost effective. It’s down-range though, where the super bright visuals make target and shot acquisition a simple exercise indeed, available from all good gun-shops in specified packs.

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3” Target Stickers - 10 sheets of 2 targets £2.95
1 & 2”- 10 sheets of 9 targets £2.95
1” - 10 sheets of 8 targets £2.95

Jack Pyke, 01234 740327

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