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Fenix CL05 Mini Lantern

Fenix CL05 Mini Lantern

The Fenix CLO5 ‘Liplight’ is a versatile, lightweight, compact practical and reasonably priced light source that has won a place in my bushcraft load out.

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Looking a bit like a lipstick (hence the name, I guess), the ‘Liplight’ mini lantern is bright enough to be used to read by, or can act as a marker (so you can find your pitch in the woods after dark) and neither the Red or Green functions destroy your night vision. The flashing functions will play their role in hazard marking, while the SOS flasher is ideal for a true emergency. The mini lantern comes with a spare O-ring and a key chain – ideal for suspending the light under your tarp.

It is easy to cycle through the seven functions of the Liplight, with just a simple twist of the tail switch. Robust (impact resistant to one-metre), and waterproof to two-metres, the Liplight is built for the outdoors and it works. What more can I say?

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  • Name: Fenix CLO5 Liplight Mini Lantern
  • Power source: AAA battery (supplied) Functions
  • Moonlight: (default setting) 0.8Lumens (40-hours)
  • High: 8-Lumens (4-hours)
  • Red: 2-Lumens (11-hours)
  • Red Flash: 2-Lumens (22-hours)
  • Green: 5-Lumens (10.5-hours)
  • Green Flash: 5-lumens (21-hours)
  • SOS: 8-Lumens
  • Size: 7.25x1.8cm
  • Weight: 1 2.8g (without battery)
  • Materials: Anodised aerospace aluminium and plastic
  • Colour: Blue or Purple
  • Price: £18.50
  • Contact: www.myfenix.co.uk