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Fenix PD36 Tac Mechanical LED Torch

Fenix PD36 Tac Mechanical LED Torch

When a torch or any accessory is designed for military and law enforcement, then you can be sure it’s undergone rigorous testing to be fit for purpose.

That’s exactly the case with the new Fenix PD36 Tac Mechanical LED torch.


The torch has an IP68 weather rating, weighs 92-grams (excluding battery) and measures 140mm in length. The diameter of the head is 26.5mm, while the main body measures 25.4mm. It’s manufactured from A6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminium that has a premium Type III hard anodised, anti-abrasive finish.

The PD36 features a smooth aluminium reflector, while the toughened, ultraclear glass lens also has an anti-reflective coating. The Luminus SST70 White LED that is fitted, is capable of emitting 3000 Lumens and is powered by a single 21700 rechargeable battery (supplied).

Rotary mode selector

The torch features a combined throw and wide area flood beam, with an impressive 274m beam reach. All the functions can be operated singlehanded via the patented mechanical dual switch system at the tail of the torch. This offers a reliable mechanical rotary mode selector/lockout function and a silent tactical switch.

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The battery tube uses shock-absorbing springs at both ends to protects the battery from external impact and to avoid instantaneous power failure when weapon mounted.

Check your pulse

The newly developed ‘Advanced Pulse Frequency Signal Transmission Technology’ uses a digital switch signal instead of the usual current signal to increase reliability. Combined with patented mechanical switches, this allows Fenix to create a smaller, more efficient light that is much less prone to switching interference than similar, magnetic tail cap systems.

Operation & modes

With the light unlocked, tap the tactical tail switch to momentarily turn the light on, then release it and the light will go out. Fully press the tactical tail switch to constantly turn on the light, then fully press it again to turn it off.

The splined, high grip rotary tail switch selects Duty, Lock Out and Tactical Mode. The latter gives you access to high brightness 2000L (3hrs 10m) and a 2000L strobe. Accessing these settings (as well as other modes) is done by tapping or fully pressing the tactical tail switch.

In Duty Mode you have access to Eco (30L,160hrs), Low (150L,18hrs 45m), Mid (350L,10hrs 10m), High (1000L 3hrs 15m), Turbo (3000L, 1hr 30m) and a 2000L Strobe.

To lock & unlock

With the light switched on, rotate the rotary switch to the middle to lock in the chosen output level. While in this position, no further levels can be selected. With the light switched off, rotate the rotary switch to the middle to lock the light in the off position, to prevent accidental operation. Rotating the switch to Tactical or Duty Mode unlocks the light.


Once again Fenix pushes the envelope to bring a very hispec, top performing utility light to the market. It can be gun mounted and there are optional accessories to increase its versatility.

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  • Name: Fenix PD36 Tac Mechanical LED Torch
  • Price: £107.95
  • Contact: My Fenix - www.myfenix.co.uk