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Top 10 Airgun hunter Accessories

Pete Wadeson looks at 10 accessories he feels every airgun hunter should consider adding to their kit bag or wardrobe…

In past articles, I’ve looked at the reasons why we should have different combos, rifle types and even quarry to target as we go through the year. This, I’ve chosen to detail accessories that offer some benefit for and during the season ahead. I have gone specific on actual products, but there are any number of manufacturers and companies offering similar items, so you make the choice. However, what I have picked I seriously rate, as it has proved itself to me in field usage.

  • Multi-tool


    A field knife is an essential, but for the times if you need that ‘extra help’, a multi-tool can be far more useful, and the Leatherman Rebar will cope with virtually all eventualities you might encounter during your seasonal activity. It is 4” in the closed position, 6” open and weighs 6.7oz, the all stainless-steel Rebar is a butterfly opener, and holds a pair of up-graded needle nose pliers, regular plier and a pair of replaceable ‘cutters.’ All other tools are accessed from the insides of the handles and have either thumb nicks or lugs for ease of access. The tools include a double-sided file, small and medium flat head screwdrivers, full-sized Phillips head screwdriver, awl (with thread loop), 3” fine edge knife blade, 3” fully serrated edge knife blade, can/bottle opener, lanyard ring and a very aggressively edged 3” wood saw. Includes Leather sheath and 25yr warranty

    SRP: £84.95

    NAME: Leatherman Rebar multi-tool

    W: www.whitbyandco.co.uk

  • Bipod


    This is a season the airgun hunter should take the opportunity to ambush quarry and no better accessory to steady your aim shooting prone than a bipod. Manufactured using heattreated steels and hard alloys with a hard-black anodised finish, the Webley Pro-Tile Bipod is available in two sizes of 6 – 9” or 9 – 13”. Easily attached to a standard, forend QD sling swivel stud, the bipod’s tilt facility allows for instant levelling and a tension lock screw enables you to adjust it so as to prevent the ‘pod’ moving around when the rifle is being carried. It can also be used to adjust the tension of the base for a more positive feel to avoid cant. The legs are adjustable along their length of travel, due to ‘Multi-Position Locks’ found just below the push in ‘Lock Release Catches.’ The adjustable spring tensioned legs with generously sized rubber feet lock securely in position by figure-8 headed locking screws. Strong external springs hold the legs securely in the open and closed positions, plus their ‘noise reducing covers’ help protect them from the elements, mud, dirt, debris and reduce that ‘twang’ noise during operation.

    NAME: Webley Pro-Tile Bipod

    SRP: £70.99 for the 6 – 9” model and £72.99 for the 9 – 13”

    W: www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk

  • Backpack


    A small day pack is all that’s needed for carrying a few essentials such as food, hot drink, waterproofs and such like. Manufactured from waterproof spun polyester, the Napier Ranger 1 Backpack is ideal having a modest 20-litre carrying capacity. However, it’s capable of swallowing up a good amount of kit, as it also has two external side elasticised pockets. This ‘clam-shell’ opening design features a heavy-duty full zip around back flap - so opening the rucky face down enables easy access to everything inside. It’s reinforced with adjustable webbing fastened with quick (snap) release ABS buckles. On the inside of the back-cover flap are two zip fastening inner pockets for slim items, or ones that benefit from being kept flat. The moulded rubber base allows it to stand up when placed on the floor, no matter how full or empty and gives a waterproof ability in this all-important area. The reinforced shoulder straps are well padded with an adjustable sternum and waist strap. Available in Green or Camo.

    NAME: Napier Ranger 1 Backpack

    SRP: £58.74

    W: www.napieruk.com

  • Rain wear

    Rain wear

    ‘Don’t cast a clout until May is out’ is a very apt saying, because if the heavens really ‘open up’ you have no other option (no matter what quality of clothing you’re wearing) to quickly don a pair of ‘waterproofs.’ 100% waterproof are the Jack Pyke Technical Featherlite Jacket and Trousers. The build consists of a Tasion Nylon outer with a mesh lining, making them tough yet light in weight for ease of transportation and stowage. The jacket boasts an internal mesh pocket, two lower front pockets with zips and a weatherproof zip closure chest pocket. The zip-detachable, generously-sized ‘peaked’ hood has a top adjuster and elasticated draw cord. Other features include an elasticated waist cord and cuffs with Velcro adjusters. The front fastens with a double-zip plus Velcro tab secured storm flap and underarm zip fastened vents help regulate body temperature. The over trousers design of the separate bottoms feature an elasticated waistband plus toggle adjust/lock draw cord, two side pockets with weatherproof zips, and feature Cordura reinforcement at the shin and ankle area. Side zips allow easy ‘pull on’ over boots and Velcro fastening ankle straps cinch them tight to your footwear. All zips are self-sealing with elongated tabs, enabling them to be gripped easily in wet weather.

    NAME: Jack Pyke Technical Featherlite Jacket and Trousers

    SRP: Jacket £63.95 Trousers £43.95

    Sizes S - XXXL

    W: www.jackpyke.co.uk

  • Headlight


    The evening’s may well be lengthening, but the sun can disappear quite fast with darkness descending far more quickly than expected. Therefore, a headlight is a very useful aid for tasks such as paunching rabbits in the field and leaving your permission in safety. The Fenix HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp comes supplied with an 18650-battery housed in the rear and a micro USB charging cable but can also be powered using 2 x CR123A non-rechargeable batteries. It’s highly versatile having both a neutral white floodlight and far-reaching spotlight beam. The spotlight features a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED, 4 brightness settings with the highest intensity delivering an impressive 1000Lumens output when its crisp powerful beam can reach out to more than 185m. The broad 90⁰ floodlight beam features a Cree XP-G2 R5 LED and offers four brightness settings up to 350Lumens, perfect for close-in tasks. Individual switches control each beam (beams cannot be combined). A red LED built into the lamp unit offers added appeal when you need to protect your night vision. Waterproof to IPX-6, the HP25R is prepared for the challenge of all-weather use while the aluminum alloy body also enables longer operation at high power levels, plus the built-in mode memory circuit remembers your last used lighting level for each lamp unit and there’s a battery level indicator.

    NAME: Fenix HP25R Rechargeable Headlamp

    SRP: £79.95

    W: www.myfenix.co.uk

  • Pellet pouch

    Pellet pouch

    Spare ammo always needs protection in the field and it often needs extra protection in certain conditions, as you can easily knock into or lean on something, which could affect a ‘standard’ pellet pouch. The RWS Pellet Saver is a round sheath, designed to fully encase a tin of pellets once it’s slipped inside via its flexible, yet strong cut out double-sided entrance. Due to the inner sizing, shape and due to it having full sides for most of its circumference, it wraps around the tin, holding it securely in place. On the opposite side to the larger ‘cut out’ is a much smaller one stopping the tin from slipping straight through but recessed enough to allow you to push it out when required.

    Manufactured from a semi-rigid plastic that forms a round cover with a diameter of approximately 2 ¾” x 1” deep. These dimensions make it suitable for all tins of .177 calibre pellet of 500 and also some popular 200-250-pellet tins of .20 and .22 calibre.

    NAME: RWS’s Pellet Saver

    SRP: £6

    W: www.ruag.com

  • Laser rangefinder

    Laser rangefinder

    Judging the range of targets can be difficult, so a laser rangefinder (LRF) is useful to have and can also act as a useful, fixed-mag monocular. Measuring 99mm X 68mm X 40mm and weighing only 180 grams, the ergonomically designed Hawke LRF 400 Pro has an ABS body casing and fits very comfortably in the hand with easy access to both mode control buttons. Its rangefinding capabilities include: distance, height, height difference and angle. The LRF takes power from a single CR2 3V battery and will automatically ‘shut off’ after 15 seconds of non-operation to save power. It’s water resistant, has a field of view (FOV) of 122m @1000m and all readouts are clearly displayed (including battery status) in the in-view LCD that can be brought into pin sharp focus using the ocular adjuster at the eyepiece. It comes supplied with a hand lanyard (including integral battery compartment key), a stylish and practical Neoprene carry case with belt loop and is protected by the Hawke Worldwide warranty.

    NAME: Hawke LRF 400 Pro laser rangefinder

    SRP: £169.99

    W: www.hawkeoptics.co.uk

  • Gloves


    Shooting gloves not only conceal the whites of your hands but protect them from the elements and terrain while moving around and, if needs be, ‘crawling’ into a shooting position. MacWet gloves offer a secure and tactile grip on your rifle and have all the attributes required for outdoor use, plus they’re fit like a ‘second skin’ and tick all the boxes for ‘stalking’ hand wear. They’re available in short or long cuff lengths plus six colour options, obviously green and black being the optimum choice. They’re also available in summer and winter weight versions, the latter known as ‘Climatic, as they have a windproof, water-resistant fleece-lined backing. They feature Velcro strap adjustable cuffs with what the company term as strap-line ‘All-Grip-No-Slip’ technology.

    NAME: MacWet Gloves

    SRP: from £27.99

    W: www.macwet.com

  • Footwear


    At this time of year, a lightweight, flexible, high leg but tough pair of boots are the optimum choice, as long as the weather isn’t too inclement. The Viper Cover Boots are ideal, as they’re manufactured from a hardwearing Cordura nylon with overlays of black suede seen as ribbing/banding on both sides, plus also used on the entire lower section. Internal padding is present from approximately the midway section to the top, where it meets a substantial synthetic collar. This adds to wearer comfort but doesn’t hinder the inherent ‘flex’ of the footwear. The rubber outsole is described as ‘durable with slip and oil-resistant properties’ and offers a good level of traction on a variety of terrain plus are easy to clean. There’s also a generous toe rise/buffer and even more protection is seen at the heel. At this area, the suede rises to a leather-finished, synthetic Achilles flex panel and the entire rear profile has an ergonomic curve which gives extra comfort and a secure fit. The lacing system consists of 6-captive retainers and a pair of eyelets at the top. All are non-metallic, and the eyelets are strengthened by synthetic collars.

    NAME: Viper Cover Boots

    SRP: £49.95 Sizes 7, 8, 9,10,11 & 12 Available in Black, Coyote and Titanium

    W: www.viperkit.co.uk

  • Silencer


    Cover will be sparse in many places and spotting or associating a specific sound with your position is made all the easier for quarry on high alert. Also, if using a multi-shot PCP, if you miss with the first shot your quarry, in confusion, will hold station, so you can cycle the action and have another slug ready to go, but only if using an effective silencer. The Webley QGS Moderator is manufactured from a single billet of high-grade aluminium it measures 7” long and is approx. 1 3/16” in diameter with a ½” UNF female thread for attaching to a screw-cut air rifle barrel. Internally, the QGS uses a stack of refractive baffles, all encased in carbon impregnated acoustic matting, a simple yet very efficient design that makes this can amongst one very capable option for a 12ft lb air rifle.

    NAME: Webley’s QGS Moderator

    SRP: £39.99

    W: www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk


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