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Lightweight option - The Bergara Extreme Hunter

Lightweight option - The Bergara Extreme Hunter

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› With a newly designed stock but the same features as the old Hunter, the new Extreme Hunter is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a lightweight, short, easy-to-maintain, and extremely reliable hunting tool. Its 2.9kg (6.4lbs) weight makes it perfect for hunting in rough conditions and in the mountains. The classic American-style Extreme Hunter Synthetic stock shows Bergara’s distinctive camo that is hand-painted in dark grey tones. 
The Extreme Series barrels are made of stainless steel and are finished in Stainless Steel Cerakote, which is perfect for extreme situations. The 18” barrel fitted on the Extreme Hunter provides lightness and great accuracy. Plus, it’s available with or without open sights.
The ultra-smooth B14 action consists of a two-lug bolt system with a sliding extractor and a tapered bolt and breech stop to ensure smooth cartridge insertion and extraction. The action features the same Cerakote finish as the barrel. The bolt shows a 90º lift angle and is fluted to enhance its appearance and reduce its overall weight by a few grams.
The calibre/twist rate options include .243/1:8”, 6.5CM/1:8”,.30-06/1:10”,.308/1:10”, and 9.3x62mm/1:14”. All use an 18” barrel that is threaded 5/8-24 UNEF for a sound moderator or brake. The magazine capacity is 3+1 for all calibres. www.artemisoutdoorsuk.co.uk

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