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Bsa Red & Blue Star Pellets

Bsa Red & Blue Star Pellets

BSA has generated plenty of interest with their Red and Blue Star pellets. The Blue is a combination of the traditional waisted shape, but with a flat surface in the middle of the head. This is intended to be a compromise between a wadcutter and pointed design, for improved energy transfer when hunting. The Reds are a traditionally shaped, waisted dome head, which as a design is still the best shape for all airgunning needs be it hunting or target as it offers superior ballistics and aerodynamic properties. This pellet’s internal profile features a deep hollow in the head, which helps make it fractionally lighter than the average weight of the standard JSB design – so popular at the moment.

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The tin of .177 Red Stars on test did actually contain a few Blue Star pellets for the record, so the quality control/sorting process needs to be tighter. That said it’s hardly a new problem. With weight variations of within .3 of a grain over the test samples, consistency was good overall. As for down range groups, both designs were impressive with a selection of rifles, making these pellets well worth a trial.

Prices: Blue Star .177/ 4.5mm (450 pellets) wt 8.02gr: RRP £7.99; Blue Star .22/ 5.5mm (250 pellets) wt 18.21gr: RRP £9.99; Red Star .177/ 4.5mm (450 pellets) wt 8.02gr: RRP £7.99; Red Star .22/ 5.5mm (250 pellets) wt 18.21gr: RRP £9.99.

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