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H & N Pellets

Renowned German airgun pellet manufacturer, H&N (Haendler & Natermann) Sport Gmbh, have a huge choice of precision manufactured ammo and even old favourites that H&N built their name on continue to be very popular amongst the hunting community and HFT shooters.

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Some are quite unique, one being the H&N Rabbit Magnum II. Weighing 15.74g in .177 calibre (4.5mm) and 24.7g in .22 calibre (5.5mm) they’re obviously designed for FAC use and have a profile many would class as ‘Air Bullets’. On closer inspection, what first appear to be twin ribs on the outer, are chamfered ‘steps’ where the bullet ‘head size’ tapers slightly back to meet the first step, which then angles (chamfers) back up to match the head size, then it tapers back again, a shorter distance to meet the second, which then continues as per head size until the rear. This reputedly aids accuracy and certainly lessens ‘friction’ as the pellet travels along the barrel bore.

Preceded by the now discontinued Eley Magnum (40g), the H&N Rabbit Magnum II aren’t copies but very much the closest you’ll find to replace the original ‘Magnum’ in design. Due to the company’s high precision manufacture, they give better accuracy and deliver a mighty clout at the target. In .177, these ‘specialised slugs’ are recommended for air rifles running at a minimum of 15ft/ lbs, the .22 calibre for rifles running at a minimum of 18.5ft lbs. Many report good results up to 22ft/lb in .177 and 40ft/lbs in the larger calibre depending on rifle. If you feel these will suit your barrel and/or magazine (if using a multi-shot) these ‘niche market’ ‘bunny bullets’ should certainly be one to consider.

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