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H&N Rabbit Magnum II

H&N Rabbit Magnum II

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Renowned German airgun pellet manufacturer H&N offers a huge choice of quality ammo and even old favourites that H&N built their name on continue to be very popular amongst many airgunners. Unique, is their Rabbit Magnum II. Weighing 15.74-grains in .177 and 24.7-grains in .22, they’re obviously designed for FAC use and have a profile many would class as an ‘air bullet’! There are three, full diameter bearing surfaces, each one tapering down to the next then expanding again. This reputedly aids accuracy and certainly lessens ‘friction’ as the pellet travels along the bore, while still providing a full seal for maximum velocity. Due to the build quality, they give better accuracy and deliver a mighty clout at the target. In .177, they are recommended for rifles running at a minimum of 15 ft/lbs, and in .22 a minimum of 18.5 ft/lbs. Many report good results up to 22 ft/ lb in .177 and 40 ft/lbs in the larger calibre depending on rifle.

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  • Price: £10.99 & £11.99 respectively - both supplied in tins of 200
  • Contact: John Rothery, Wholesale Ltd, www.bisley-uk.com


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