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Pellet test H&N Barracuda

Pellet test H&N Barracuda

Haendler & Natermann Sport GMBH of Germany or H&N Sport as they’re more commonly known offers a comprehensive portfolio of airgun pellets including the most varied of designs. For this round-up I’ll first give the company’s own description of the pellet, and then add my three penny worth! To save on repetition all are ‘recommended’ by the manufacturer for FT and Hunting out to 50-yards - except the Rabbit Magnum Power recommended for hunting only. Also, bar the ‘H&N Baracuda .20’ – all tested where in .177 calibre.


Heavy and exceptionally accurate pellet for long range use. Has a deep, crosshead hollow tip for tremendous shock effect and rapid energy transfer.

* Weight .177 - 9.57 gr tins of 400 Prices: SRP£10.99

* Weight .22 - 19.09 gr tins of 200 £8.99

* Weight .25 - 28.40 gr tins of 200 £7.99

I first tried this pellet when first available in .22 calibre and it proved a good hard hitting close range slug.

I was very interested to see how the .177 calibre would perform as I’ve recently become quite interested in how ‘outwardly unusual’ configured pellets in the smaller calibre perform at close range. It delivered a lot of clout at the target – judging by the sound heard as it hit the solid backstop and did ‘deform’ indicating the energy transfer was good. However keep range down to 15-yds and c-c groupings are surprisingly good for such an ‘oddball’. Use as a close range ratter and feral pigeon culler!


Medium-weight, accurate hunting pellet for medium ranges. High impact with excellent expansion and high penetration. Controlled deformation. Smooth with tapered tip.

* Weight .177 - 7.25 gr tins of 400 Prices: SRP £9.99

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* Weight .22 - 16.36 gr tins of 200 £7.49

One of the strangest head designs in the H&N range, it has a hollow point with a centre spike that just rises up above the outer flat sides. Unfortunately, even at close range it didn’t perform well at all. As they say, ‘odd shape pellets tend to behave oddly!’


A heavy, high precision pellet for longer distances. Remarkable aerodynamic design for better punch and deepest penetration. Gives tight, uniform groupings with less leadfouling due to special alloy and greasing. Smooth Finish.

* Weight .20 - 13.58 gr tins of 250 Prices: SRP£6.49

* Weight .25 - 31.02 gr tins of 200 £6.49

This pellet’s been around a while and only available in .20 cal and .25. It has a slightly pear-shaped head with a small ‘nipple’ at the very top. Very accurate and I was so impressed I’m tempted to change to using this slug myself.


Very heavy hunting pellet for long ranges, with a unique aerodynamic torpedo design. No contact with lead thanks to a special copper coating


High quality manufacture, well packaged with plenty of information backed by an extremely informative website


not a lot


As stated some pellets are certainly worth serious consideration while others don’t exactly live up to recommendations so to speak…

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