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Remington pellets and SMK air darts

Remington pellets and SMK air darts

Sportsmarketing have announced the arrival of their new Remington airgun pellets and SMK darts. These precision pellets are produced by H&N Sport GMBH, renowned as one of the finest pellet manufacturers in the world. The extensive range is split between the Express brand pellets, which are designed to offer great value for money, and the Thunder brand pellets that offer the very best performance.

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You can choose from match wadcutters to hollow-points, roundheads and even copper coated pellets as well. The Express range is ideal for plinking, hobby shooting and CO2 pistols. There are three types of pellets, which consist of the Plinking with ribbed body and flat-head, the Hammer with a ribbed body and domed design, and the Spike, which is ribbed body with a pointed head.

The Thunder Series has nine types and are available in .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm) calibres. The Thunder Match Rifle and Match Pistol are available in .177 (4.5mm) only, Thunder Sport, Thunder Field Target Trophy, Thunder Field Target Trophy Power, Thunder Sniper Light, Thunder Barracuda, Thunder Barracuda Hunter, Thunder Barracuda Power and Thunder Crow Magnum.

The new SMK .22 calibre airgun soft tail darts are the coolest new accessory for your pistol or springer. They have evolved into the 21st Century with new colour combinations and a new design. The airgun dart has an all silver body and multi-coloured flights. They have precision sharp points with aerodynamic tails to ensure best possible results and are superb value for money. They are available as a 10 pack with two of each coloured flight.

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