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RWS Field Kit

RWS Field Kit

Tester packs that hold several different types of airgun pellets from the same manufacturer are nothing new but the new ‘Field Kits’ from RWS are quite simply the most useful, comprehensive and practically considered for those seeking the optimum RWS ‘slug’ to suit their particular air rifle and shooting requirements.

Packs are available in both popular calibres of .177 and .22 – and while bearing strong similarities to each other there are notable differences. Both have 5-different types of branded pellet the .177 Field Kit giving you 200 of each and the .22 kit supplies 100 of each type.

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Pellets come in scaled down metal tins with screw lids and while certain pellet types are common to both kits – some are different according to calibre.

Both ‘Kits’ have samples of Superdome, Superpoint Extra & Superfield – two of which being the most popular in their range, while the Superpoint Extra has been showing reliable results in certain rifles.

Now, the .177 field kit is completed by a tin of Power Ball and a tin of Supermag. The .22 kit on the other hand is complemented with sample tins of Power Piercing and Super H Point.

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  • Name: RWS Field Kits
  • RRP: £27 for .177 Cal, £21 for .22 Cal
  • Contact: RUAG Ammotec UK LTD: ruag.co.uk