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Slugs or snakes

Slugs or snakes

Milbro pellets are born from a time when an airgun pellet really was just a slug. With the relatively recent ‘rejuvenation’ of the company - and with airgun expert Ben Taylor working there developing and advising, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve upped their game. They are even paying more attention to packaging, with new stylish screw-on or clip-top tins.

All Milbro pellets are of a modified roundhead design and are generously ribbed on the outer side of the skirt. There’s the Rhino and White Rhino, both .25 calibre only pellets, so come the day of my ¼” sized ammo test, and it’ll be included. There are others such as Jet and Clipper, as usual we’ll do a ‘they say, I say’ review, so let’s see…


They say: ‘Well above average performance for a well below average price.’ Weight .177 7.5-grains .22 12.75-grains A shallow top curve profile roundhead, these pellets scream Milbro of old, the head looking like a mushroom with a longer skirt and relatively thickset waste. In both calibres these are comparative lightweights, suitable for plinking and open sight ranges. Strange though, when I was a lad using these pellets and iron sights, I still remember hitting more rats than I missed and I’m sure those sentiments are mirrored by a large proportion of readers. Enthusiastic young newcomers to our sport will always be more interested in squeezing the trigger than what brand is exiting the muzzle. They’ll certainly help anyone learn how to properly handle an air rifle and master stances and holds. A slug to blow off steam with and still hit tin cans - more easily now than back in the day. First sign Milbro’s quality control has been raised.


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They say: ‘A development of the Standard Caledonian pellet, the Ultra is 2-grains heavier, it’s been tumbled and dusted with a graphite mix. It has noticeably improved performance.’ Weight .22 14.2-grains The dusted graphite mix is known as dry lubing. A more traditional roundhead with a greater overall length than the original, they also have a more steeply inwardly angled skirt profile. Word on the grapevine is Milbro have high hopes for this their latest design. Incidentally, in .22 calibres you’ll notice this and the rest are weighted in line with what most consider a medium weight. Surprisingly accurate with a relatively flat trajectory for medium ranges and it was the most consistent of those tested. Their kill-zone accuracy has me say I’d hunt with them keeping ranges around the 25-yd mark


They say: ‘Top of the range ‘Twin Ring’ (TR) design provides improved air seal, positive rifling grip and in barrel stability. Available in brand new premium ‘snap-close’ tin.’ Weight .177 7.8-grains .22 14.2-grains Quite accurate and suited most barrels, so maybe those twin ‘driving’ rings do have something going for them. Perform better in .22 calibre than .177 (as do most) and suitable for close range hunting.


They say: ‘Next step up for the demanding air gunner. Designed for air rifles powered by CO2.’ Weight .177 7.8-grains .22 14.2-grains Shallow top curved profile roundhead design and the shortest pellet in the round-up - overall length 0.125”. Maybe why they say it’s designed for CO2 rifles as the removable rotary magazines on some can be a tad narrow.

Caledonian Ultra (Blue Tin) .22 only, in tins of 500 £6.99

Caledonian, TR and Select available in .177 & .22 Calibre, in tins of 500 (No set pricing given.)

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  • I recently bought a secondhand BSA R10 in .177. I got with it a selection of pellets, mostly quality expensive ones including AA Field, Webley Accupel, RWS Field, H&N FTT, H&N Excite wadcutters and some Milbro Clipper Heavy. The BSA isn’t fussy and all of them did well at 20 yards. At 30 the wadcutters didn’t group well and the RWS Fields disappointed. At 40 yards the Milbros and the AAs were the winners with theAccupels very close behind. Well, the Milbros won as they are about £3 cheaper per 500. What a pleasant surprise.

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    John Marsh
    29 Sep 2017 at 04:06 AM