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Target-Air Felt Cleaning Pellets

Target-Air Felt Cleaning Pellets

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We recently ran articles advising on the best methods of cleaning your barrels in these the use of felt cleaning pellets was mentioned, as they’re a very handy and quick solution! However, for such a useful piece of kit, it’s unusual that there aren’t many companies who manufacture them. However, Target-Air Ltd is one such that does. The Target-Air Felt Cleaning Pellets come in their own branded packets of 100 pieces and in both popular calibres of .177 and .22.

To recap on their use, these types of felt pellet work by being placed in the breech and shot out in the normal manner. However as was detailed in the Workshop articles mentioned, they work best when a drop of cleaning oil is applied and a pellet loaded behind them so they fully expand! Made from a high quality and high density felt they’re a very useful bit of kit to keep with your other maintenance and cleaning products.

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  • Price: SRP £4.50 plus 99p P+P a pack
  • Contact: Target-Air Ltd, 0740 2059477, www.target-air.co.uk