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Webley Acupell FT

Webley Acupell FT

The name ‘Accupell’ is synonymous with quality, as it’s been the ‘slug’ of choice and used to win many FT and HFT competitions. Recently they launched a similar design the Webley Accupell F.T. They are a smooth dome head design, similar to H&N Field Target Trophy. In fact they are made in the same factory; however, close inspection shows they’re not the same apart from build quality. The Accupell F.T is available in .177 (4.52mm) and .22 calibres (5.53mm) and weigh in at 8.64 and 14.66-grains respectively.

They come in felt-lined, tape-sealed tins of 500 pieces and are pre-lubed to prevent oxidation using Napier Power Pellet Lube. Close inspection shows a high level of manufacturer consistency and due to the careful and considered packaging there’s little chance of pellet deformation in transport. Fired from both springpowered and PCP rifles they prove to be highly accurate and their midweight class enables them to perform well in flight and transmit a great deal of energy at the target.


  • Name: Webley Accupell F.T
  • Price: SRP£11.99 .177calibre £14.99 .22 calibre
  • Contact: Highland Outdoors, 0845 0990252, www.highlandoutdoors.co.uk


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