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Webley Acupell FT Pellets

Webley Acupell FT Pellets

The name Accupell is synonymous with quality, as it’s been the ‘slug’ of choice and used to win many an F.T competition. Recently, Webley has launched a very ‘similar’ pellet dubbed the Webley Accupell F.T. The last two letters clearly indicating and as the company state they’re ‘designed specifically for target use, where consistency and reliability are demanded.’

The pellets are of a very smooth roundhead design, not dissimilar to the widely renowned H&N Field Target Trophy. So it should come as no surprise that these very high-quality pellets herald from the same factory that produces H&Ns but very close inspection shows they’re not one and the same. Rather Webley have decided to stay on the quality route, so where better to have ammo made than at a facility that has long specialised in the manufacture of top-quality airgun ammo.

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The Webley Accupell F.T is available in .177 (head size 4.52mm) and .22 calibre (5.53mm) and weigh in at 8.64gr and 14.66gr respectively. They now come in felt lined, tape sealed metal tins of 500 pieces – not the old screw type — and are pre-lubed to help prevent oxidation, using Napier Power Pellet Lube. Close inspection shows a very high level of manufacturer consistency and due to the careful and considered packaging, there’s little chance of pellet deformation while being transported from manufacturer to retailer. Fired from a selection of air rifles including springer and PCP they prove to be a highly accurate pellet and their ‘mid-weight’ class enables them to perform well in flight and transmit a great deal of energy at the target.

PRICE: SRP £11.99 .177 calibre, £14.99 .22 calibre

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