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Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

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Reloading is a popular pastime here in the UK, allowing shooters to produce their own bespoke rifle, pistol and shotgun ammunition, whenever they need it. Lee Precision has been designing and manufacturing affordable equipment since 1958. This include die sets, shell holders, priming tools, case prep tools, casting equipment and even books. Combined with the correct die/tool, their Breech Lock Classic Cast Press can be used to de-prime, resize, trim, reprime and seat a new bullet into an old case. It can be mounted onto a workbench using just three bolts and is manufactured from cast iron.

It includes a durable, powdercoated finish and an all-steel linkage. The handle includes a wooden ball end for comfort, and it can be easily attached to either side of the press. Once in position, it operates the 1 1/8” diameter, hollow ram, which also incorporates the Lee Lever Prime System, which can seat small or large primers. A plastic tube (supplied) can be attached to the base, helping to dispose of spent primers. The frame can accept standard 7/8x14 TPI dies from all the major manufacturers, and to make things faster it is compatible with Lee quick-change Breech Lock Bushings. These can easily be removed by hand, with 1/6 turn. Overall, a strong, versatile and affordable machine, which will give years of valuable service.


  • Name: Lee Breech Lock Classic Cast Press
  • Price: £164.50
  • Contact: www.henrykrank.com