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Lyman Mechanical Trigger Pull Gauge

Lyman Mechanical Trigger Pull Gauge

Lyman’s latest mechanical trigger pull gauge uses the simple principle of calibrated spring tension to demonstrate the pressure at which a trigger ‘breaks’. It’s constructed from aluminium and is hard anodised for durability, showing a bright orange shade. The bright inner steel bar includes a black polymer roller, which maintains its position on the trigger blade within its central recess.

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The instructions for the tool clearly state to check and double-check the firearm is unloaded and advise a vice mounted firearm will give more accurate results, but this isn’t always mandatory with lighter pull weights.

The gauge is calibrated from 8 to 192oz (300 to 5500-grams), with 1oz (50-gram) resolution. The sliding scale shows the current pressure exerted and there is a second maximum weight indicator that remains in position after the trigger breaks, to indicate on the white laser engraved scale.

There is a handy loop to hang it above your bench, but the device is light enough for your toolbox. The broad ‘T-Handle’ offers 104mm of width for easy grip. The trigger hook itself rotates and offers 30mm spacing to accommodate the width of the stock when maintaining as straight, and linear pressure as possible during measurement. Suitable for airguns, pistols, shotguns and rifles, it’s a well-priced tool to make accurate comparisons or adjustments.


  • Name: Lyman Mechanical Trigger Pull Gauge
  • Price: £23.95
  • Contact: Hannams Reloading - www.hannamsreloading.co.uk